How To: Hack a USB keyboard into a Google Reader pedal

Hack a USB keyboard into a Google Reader pedal

Are you addicted to Google Reader? If so, you may be looking for an even faster way to scroll through all of your favorite RSS feeds. Well, Matt Richardson has the solution…

It's called the Google Reader Pedal and it makes it easier to read the hottest news without ever touching your computer keyboard or mouse! Give the electronics in an old USB keyboard new life by making them a part of a Google Reader Pedal.

Okay, so you don't have to use this nifty DIY project just for Google Reader— you can have the pedal transmit any key you'd like. Matt uses the letter "J" for this project, because that's how you advance in Google Reader.

For this keyboard hack, you'll need the following materials:
* USB keyboard
* Foot pedal
* Solder iron
* Solder
* 24-gauge wire
* Dremel (optional)

This hack will work on both Windows and Mac computers, because it simply acts as one keystroke of a USB keyboard. Like said before, this pedal could be used for more than just Google Reader; You could use it to control Exposé in Mac OS X, making it easier to switch through open applications or view the Dashboard.

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