How To: Increase the power of a 5mw green laser pointer

Increase the power of a 5mw green laser pointer

In this tutorial, we learn how to increase the power of a 5mw green laser pointer. First, you will need to gather the parts you will need, which include a vise, the laser, a soldering iron, and a block of wood. After this, cut the block of wood in half and then put your laser pointer in the middle. Pull and twist so the module comes out, then pull the foam protector off. Don't lose any small parts that come out. Next, unscrew the silver cap and then put on your new laser module. Replace all parts, then solder the wires back together. After this, place the cap back on and then enjoy using your new pointer.

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can i used a red one?

i have a green laser as well but can i increase its power without changing its module and stuff ?

How can I turn up the beam on a military 532nm hand held laser

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