How To: Mod Your Old iPod 30-Pin Dock into a Bluetooth Speaker for Your iPhone 5

Mod Your Old iPod 30-Pin Dock into a Bluetooth Speaker for Your iPhone 5

If you bought the new iPhone 5, you've probably been less than thrilled with the lack of cases and accessories that you can use it with. Docks are no exception—users were disappointed to learn that Apple has no plans to even make one for the newest addition to the Apple family.

But before you go out and buy one from a third-party, if you have an old dock with a 30-pin connector at home, you can still use it with your new iPhone 5 by buying a cheap adapter and turning it into a Bluetooth speaker instead.

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The best part about this "mod" is that anyone can do it. Alex Castle over on The Wirecutter found several Bluetooth adapters that just plug into the dock, no assembly required.

Though not many Bluetooth adapters for 30-pin iPhone docks are on the market just yet, he did test out the WaveJamr ($40), CoolStream ($40), and one called the I-Wave, which is sold from various vendors for as low as $28.

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Which one worked best? Surprisingly, the cheaper models.

It's worth noting that Alex only tried the adapters with one iPhone speaker system (from Logitech) and he says there may be models that they don't work with. But if your dock is relatively new, it's definitely worth a shot, especially if you paid a lot for it. Just choose a retailer that has a solid return policy if you're worried about compatibility.

As with any Bluetooth device, there will be trade-offs like sound quality and range, but if you're not an audiophile and just want to use it for casual listening, this sounds like a pretty decent deal. Check out Alex's review for more details on the adapters he tested.

Don't have an old dock? Don't worry. There are still plenty of ways to get around it.

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