How To: Hack a WiFi USB Adapter for Better Reception

Hack a WiFi USB Adapter for Better Reception

This video tutorial demonstrates a simple hack for improving the WiFi reception of a USB adapter. To replicate this hack yourself, you'll need the following materials: (1) a WiFi USB adapter, (2) a USB extension cable, (3) a metal strainer, and (4) a pair of scissors. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on improving your WiFi adapter's signal levels, watch this how-to video.

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Hope it works

great !!! ur a GENIUS!!!

it really helps a lot!!! is it applicable even in the philippines?

Yes, this works in any country, since the strainer just collects more wifi radio signal power that's going through the air, and concentrates it on the USB wifi stick's internal antenna. These signals are the same no matter what country you're in, since the electronics involved are the same worldwide.

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Just wanted to add that I tried this myself with an Belkin 802.11g wireless adapter and it greatly improved the wireless signal of the adapter, even through walls. I have an old computer outside in my workshop which I wanted to add wireless internet to, but didn't want to shell out the cash for a newer "draft-n" adapter since the computer is so old anyway. The router is inside the house about 50 feet away, and it was almost impossible to get a reliable signal out here. After watching the video and following the instructions, the internet works almost flawlessly. Thanks--great video!!

cool man, it #$%@s smart bro and globe tattoo in the philippines
#$%@ing great

very good idea .its just to easy

can this be used to from signal dropping as well or is it just mainly for boosting reception?

hi, does this work just as well with a plastic adaptor too?
please reply!

i just finished mine with this... i got up to 20% increase in signal :) but i still need longer usb extender for better reception

May not look pretty but its works great

thanks for sharing, the idea is so great

It works in Belgium also. I added even 2x USB 2.0 cable extensions of 5m!!!

Great !! thxx , you're a genius !!

i cant get the damn thing to play the video

i'm so gonna try this!

Hell Yeah This Really works man. Thanks A lot. I'm gonna make a blog and give you a credit.

Rubbish, made my signal worse.

Does anyone know why the strainer improves it?

Re : Anjie

The reason the strainer improves the reception of the signal is simply that it helps to collect or trap more signal and direct it to your antennae which in this case is housed in the usb dongle. This will work for people with just qa wireless antennae coming out of the back (or wherever) of your computer. You just need a length of wire to extend the antennae connection and do pretty much the same thing only mount your antennae in the center of the parabola. If you want this to be as tuned as possible you need to find the sweet spot within the dish. There are sites that will give you the proper dimensions and depth of dish as well as where exactly to mount the reciever for best function. You can improve this rough edition sometimes ten fold depending on what you used in the first place. The best thing to use is an old bell tv dish or similar ( I dont mean one of those ten foot round dishes although that sure would collect some signa. Now just do a little diy electric turntable and you can have it mounted outside and turn it from in the house( I find all kinds of great signals that way ). If you are really interested there are far better designs that target the wavelength that wireless transmits on. and you will get 100 times better than this if you start exploring the horn collectors or convex tuners as well as find out some really interesting things about how waves travel. things that I would never have thought in a million years. Anyways lots of ways to get 2 mile signals with diy scraps (and signals have been caught over 237 miles. They used some 60 dollars worth of linksys equipment and of course some very engineered arrays buy if they get that with a little patience and care you can get good solid coverage anywhere in your yard or house or acreage.

here is the link

Just buy Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi network Adapter with 9dBi with this one you don't have to do that!

Hello everyone, my name is Onyin. I newly joined this site and i will very grateful if anyone can teach step by steps on how to Hack a wifi using a wireshark.

You may want to check out Null Byte for help using Wireshark. They have a few tutorials. If you still need help, I'm sure the Null Byte forum can help.

Hello from the Philippines!! This hack really works like a charm but make sure that your USB cable wire is only 3 meters in length to get better signal.

you know you can use just a piece of aluminum foil, and poke a hole big enough for the usb wireless adopter...then ill work just fine

I tried it but it didnt work, my adapter doesnt seem to work while being plugged in the extension cable and i dont know why

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