How To: Make USB air conditioning

Make USB air conditioning

Wondering how to most effectively combine ice cubes and a simple USB-powered computer fan into a fully functioning air conditioning system? In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to hack a coffee can and USB-powered fan into a simple, but effective, air conditioning unit. For detailed instructions on hacking together your own tin-can AC unit, watch this über-short how-to.

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Isn't that technically an evaporative cooler and not an air conditioner?

does it matter what it's technical term is? he just used the word "air conditioner" for the people who don't know.

maybe this could've had the wiring diagram of the usb cable to fan's power seeing usb contains data and power cables inside

use dry ice it dosent drip and its colder

where can one get dry ice

most g-stores have it. I can get it at Publix

wooooooow.okay good tutorial.i will make it

not only cans,,but also luch box

after 20 minutes watch&make some similar like in videos,i learn that ice cream plastic box is much easier than a tin...somehow i dont like 12 volt so i put mini motor from cdrom.thx 4 ideas

not so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice. My PC is in a room that does'nt cool like the rest of the house. Gonna have to try this idea. Looks like it may help out a bit. Cheers!


Looks unsafe with water and electric current so close to each other. Hmmm ... is that something to think about? Anyone care to clarify?

not bad .........................................but i understand ................

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