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Forum Thread: I Need Help..

Im doing a research about Man-in-the-middle and crack-wifi.sh also im trying to incorporate the evil twin to this research that i need to do for a certificate but idk much about the topic and idk if i need a netgear Wlan adapter or not to do it.. i have that question.. I wish u can help me .. :c and thanks..

Forum Thread: Seeking DIY Carbon Microphone Diagram

In the 1940's (1946/1947) Popular Science magazine printed a DIY diagram of a high impedance microphone using an old battery carbon core and a headphone to listen (rather than speakers). It used a simple wood base and was very sensitive; you could hear a cock-a-roach walking on the wood or a fly's buzz if it landed on the base. ANYONE WHO MIGHT HAVE A COLLECTION OF THESE MAGAZINES AND CAN PROVIDE A COPY OF THE DIAGRAM WOULD GREATLY HELP ME WITH MY PROJECT.

Forum Thread: How to Be Completely Anonymous..???

i am a complete beginner in hacking. so before starting any of the hacking i thought i should learn to save/hide my ass from police, government, or any other tracing agents or agencies. so i started crawling on web for learning new tricks and techniques as black hat hackers use. since then i found many new technique so far but now a days i am getting stuff in opposition to my knowledge as:

Forum Thread: How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Hacked

Phone Hacking Prevention Phone hacking has now become one of the most concerned issue around the globe when it comes to staying secured online. Though mostly people don't bat an eye upon it, in reality, if you're not careful about your online security, you're likely to lose your valuable data through cyber crime and hacking. How to prevent your phone from being Hacked - Hacking-Guide.com.

Forum Thread: Best Programming Languages?

I'm new here, and to be honest I'm about as rookie as a programmer can get. I only know HTML5 yet (the millions of drag and drop programs I used to do when I was a kid don't count because... well, they're drag and drop, Bro. neither does any WYSIWYG programs.) Point being the only official language I know Is HTML5 so I'm nowhere even close to being a hacker, the only thing I can do yet is pinging. Anyway. I read this book "Don't Turn Around" in part about a group of hacktavists getting caught...

Forum Thread: Script failure ( FB python Py.)?

Hi, I Need Some Help! I Tried to crack My own FB Profile, with Python Mechanics, Fb Python Py. And a Passwordlist. I'm running a Linux Ubuntu System. The wordlist seems to work Fine, at the end I will get the Message Password Found. But I Cant See Any Password. Is This a Script Failure or Linux Secruity? How Can I Unshadow the Password that Has Already been found? Thanks in Advance!

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