How To: Turn your laptop hard drive into a USB drive

Turn your laptop hard drive into a USB drive

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to turn your laptop hard drive into an external USB drive. This hack is fairly easy to perform, all it requires for you to know is where to locate the laptop's hard drive for extraction. You'll also have to purchase a USB housing which ranges around fifteen dollars.

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This is how, "buy a part and connect it". I figured this would be a cool do it yourselfer. Thanks for wasting my time.

Forgot to mention there is a little board inside the enclosure, that you have to plug the hard drive into, i know because i have one and am using it with my xbox360

Holy shit he put a Hard drive INSIDE a enclosure and call it Hack....!
HAHAHAHAHAHA what an idiot

Hey why are you people being so mean.? Believe it or not, its not exactly common knowledge to some people. So seriously quit making people feel like crap just because you think your better than them.

I aggree.

for 15 bucks I can accomplish an otherwise difficult and time consuming chore of frantically searching datasheets and schematics.

Thanks for the tip!

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