How To: Hack a coin operated laundry machine

Hack a coin operated laundry machine

Man, it's laundry day and once again you have NO quarters. Well, check out this video and you'll never need quarters again. This how-to shows how to pick the lock on a coin operated laundry machine and then rig it up so you'll never need to pay again. Sweeeet.

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where did you get the tool from?

What is that tool and where did you get it?

They don't seem to be cheap. Over a hundred bucks. If you think it's worth the cost over time, then try one of the following links to get the tubular lock pick (or search the web for a better deal):,

did you know it's illegal to possess burglary tools?

Seems like as soon as they open up to collect the coins they'll see the line tied to the switch. Perhaps just a small hole where you could insert a hooked tool (clothes hanger? Nut pick?) that you could stick in and flip that switch would be better.

Just walkin with a five pound sledge hammer and beat the heck out of the door to the coin changer then not only can you do your laundry for free but you can take all the quarters as well. then leave it open for the rest of the people to do it for free also. Hey if your going to steal you might as well do it right and get hung for a big dog rather than get hung for a puppy Do it right the first time. dray

New machines you can't do that, older ones work. But without any tools on that machine I could get it free faster then that. The machine has that thing you put the coins I then push it in, well get some plastic coffee stir sticks there free at restarants grab a bunch put into the coin slotsat about a 45 degree angle and push it I the coin thing will push in then pull it back and remove your coffee stir may take a bit of practice but once ya get the hang of it 10-15 second. It's easier with less coin slots though cause if one in not rite it won't work, my wash I a dollar 25 cents usually put a quarter in and stir still for the dollar slot pay a quarter can do both just may take a bit longer

thanks for admitting you're a criminal.

This is the reason I have 28 cameras In my laundry. If you do this you are a Thief. Do in my laundry you will be in jail.

why do you assholes troll in here just to get mad? oooooo do in my laundry u go to jail! fuck yourself and your laundy how about that... terry macmahon you can suck it too... so if i get freee laundry from my shitty apartment that i pay too much for I'm a "criminal" huh? who the fuck are you the laundry police?

Ha! Couldn't agree with yiu more Mr. Cox.

ahahahaahahhaah laundry police! thats a sad man

So this site thinks it's ok to promote crime? How about a hack about how to break into a bank vault or liquor store?

yes we obviously
think its ok to promote a crime... fuck off

you equate washing my fucking socks for free to robbing a bank? really???????

Here is a landlord perspective on 'minor hacking for just some laundry quarters'. I have three buildings with coin W/D in basements. That's 32 apartments families that dont have to drive out to remote laundromats after work at night. Many dont have cars.

But, after too much hacking I shut down my on-site laundries. So, a few anti-social looser's got some washing free, and stole some quarters, , but now 32 families have to drive across town, or what ever, for laundry.

I suspect the hacker's think landlords are raking the money from those W/D's and so deserve hacking.. But, the numbers for me show coin laundries only break even, at best, and are there to make tenants' lives easier. That is, no profit. Dont believe me? Try it for your self.

So, hackers, I quite the laundry business . It makes my life much simpler, but you have made many, many renters lives harder.

32 families and many dont have cars... Now it can either be a treasured convenience or an easy target.. main thing here is the fact that many many property managers and landlords see this as a come up and charge 5$ per use of each machine, and then make sure that their dryers are half ass so the tenants need to use them twice if they want to have completely dry clothing. greed always paints a pretty target

You could have regular, non coin operated machines and charge tenets a small fee every month added on to their rent. That would also make everyone look out for the machines so they could protect their investment.. Otherwise, we're gonna try n hack that shit! Damn the man. I gotta wear clothes to go to work. Gotta go to work to pay rent.

@ Alex- sounds like you were responsible for making your tenets lives harder for something that wasn't their fault . SMH

until the landlord gets new machines that take loadable cards for there machines. of course where there is a will there is a way i guess.


For starters, I taught myself how to pick locks and make 'master' keys for the same name padlocks. Bypass file cabinet/desk locks, rotary briefcase locks ....and so on. That was about 35-40 years ago and I was about 13 years old then. It was fun and a challenge. So, several years later I worked for the University of Pittsburgh maintenance department while earning my degree in Electrical Engineering. While I didn't work directly on any vending machines per-se, there were several coin mechanisms laying about begging to be studied! About a week later, I was able to do my OWN laundry at the laundromat on my block for free also! It was simple, thin down the "Quarters" a mill or two and they activated the mechanism but came right back out and into my pocked for the next load. These were laid flat and pushed in. Only 50c back then but as a student on a. ,shoestring budget it helped. I considered making and selling them, but that would put me in jeopardy with the law and probably reveal the trick. The beauty was the owners of the shop were none the wiser as I left no evidence what so ever except the trial runs. But they were real quarters, so it was a clean job (whoa, pun there!). The funny part though, is later down the road I also acquired rental properties and provided laundry for FREE (payback to society). That service really didn't cost me much at all except the repair jobs to get the free broken washer and dryer up and running. The payout to me was BIG. Dependable long-term renters who appreciated the convenience and referred other renters to me known to be of the same caliber.

Just thought I'd share.

Boy, was I laughing. But, how correct you are about good, LONG term tenant's. YOU are a wise owner. As I have always been mechanically interest is by passing the $2.00 charge for WASH. I don't want the coins! This landlord so cheap.. the washer restricted to small loads ONLY no matter what pressed. And, single water temp. Same with over charged dryer. After tne hour dry time- line DRYING faster and cost nothing. I don't begrudge a company making a profit. But, if I'm being screwed, id like the option of choosing top or bottom.

Wow, I can do this in front of the manager and he won't mind? How bout if I use a crowbar on the coinbox while I'm at it? Hey now can you show me how to use warez apps to steal paid apps from the app store and get stolen music? I spent all my money on my new phone.

Yeah but where in the world would someone get that tool. I'd say it would be an awesome hack if it were don't with something that I already have laying around the house but this requires finding and purchasing a tool that can be used for this one purpose only. Shoot might as well just pay the $1.00 for my laundry .

can anyone who was able to see this video at one point in time fill me in?? Youtube and the laundry police are on BS

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