Open Sesame: Make Siri Open Your Garage Door via Raspberry Pi

Make Siri Open Your Garage Door via Raspberry Pi

You can make Siri do all kinds of things it was never designed to do. From installing it on older jailbroken iDevices to using it to bypass an iPhone's lock screen, people have managed to come up with some interesting hacks—and that's only the beginning.

Raspberry Pi Forums member DarkTherapy used Siri and, you guessed it, a Raspberry Pi, to hack his iPhone into a garage door opener.

Using SiriProxy and WiringPi, he set up the Raspberry Pi to turn a relay connected to his automatic garage door system on and off via the GPIO pins.

Check out the video to see it in action, as well as photos of the setup.

You can find more details along with all the code and relevant links over on the forum thread.

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