How To: Breadboard a DIY USB power supply

Breadboard a DIY USB power supply

While breadboarding may seem like some odd combination of snowboarding and consuming the fluffy pastry at the same time, it's actually just the technical term for using a construction base to build a prototype electric circuit. Breadboards are solderless so they're great for circuit design and are reusable.

Check out this hacks video to learn how to turn a 7805 Voltage REgulator and 4 AA batteries into a power supply that can charge anything which runs off USB.

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he didn't you used to do "call for help" on tech tv?
i used to love that show

Great show and series. The knot. It serves has no function after the tape. It can still pull out. Cheers,

Great demo, can you provide the part number for the Breadboard?

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