Forum Thread: Hacking a Spy Microphone for Leopard Conservation

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to attach a spy microphone to leopard radiocollars and have it record continuously for 1 month.

Why? Well, for my project I'm looking at whether strategically played competitor sounds could be used to manipulate leopard movements in order to reduce conflict with people. But I need to know how vocals naturally affect their movements.

I'm looking to hack the EDIC-Mini-Tiny B47 microphone so that it connects to a power source that powers it for 600 hours (its storage capacity). It's current recording time is up to 168 hours.

I'm out in the African Bush right now, and so I would need to know whether this hack is possible and, if so, would be looking to team up with someone who can advise me on how to make the modifications.

Can anyone help?



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