Forum Thread: Alexa Projector Hack

So I got myself one of those Alexa Echo dot thingies, a handful of MiMoo smart WiFi switches, a projector and motorised screen, you thinking what I'm thinking? Good! Cos I don't have much of a clue and could really use some help!

The projector screen has a remote and a wired controller box with up, stop and down buttons. My thinking is to reroute the up and down buttons to two smart switches. I'm just not too confident as to where abouts to divert on the PCB.

Here's some handy pics:

MiMoo switch

Projector screen controller PCB

Projector screen controller PCB

Projector screen controller info

Can anyone verify that this could work, does the voltage allow? Where would be best to solder the live and neutral wires to bypass the up and down buttons?

Cheers me dears!

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