How To: Secretly record people with your own spy sunglasses

Secretly record people with your own spy sunglasses

Hack a pair of sunglasses to secretly record audio and video and spend less than $40 in the process with this how-to video. To replicate this hack for yourself, you will need a spy camera and black solar shield sunglasses. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on building your own spy recorder sunglasses, watch this hacking how-to from Kip Kay of Make Magazine.

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i am a man

great for the titty
i think so

bootlegging movie's

ur not a man lawn face it

great for the titty bars

Loaf tinks dats Genius!!

COOL!! Thats really awesome, really good for reviewing in school, and other stuff!!

wahahah for pervs still thats good!

coool it s amasing

Where is the best place to get the sunglasses and the mini camera????

you live in st pete!

This would be good for blackmail. >:)

No I wouldn't do that, I would probably do it to review funny moments in my day.

hoooraaaayyy give kids a knew way to experience being a perve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) (if i only it was like that when i was a kid)


Ill doing it at the mall or at school.

it makes me give out my evil smile..

i always wanted to have something like this...



mm i have and idea to use in my school exam with making some other modifications

Epic..!! Love this..!! So cool..!! Can't wait to do it and bam..!! I'll be loving it..!!

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