How To: Make a high-tech spy stethoscope

Make a high-tech spy stethoscope

A stethoscope, often considered the symbol of a doctor's profession, but also used by safe-crackers and auto mechanics to hear sounds that otherwise couldn't be heard. Well, it's time to make a high-tech electronic spy stethoscope with Kip Kay in this gadget video tutorial, for only twenty-five bucks! You can hear and record heartbeats with this spy gadget, or even listen through walls!

Materials needed: stethoscope, pair of multi-media microphones (for the mini condenser mics) drill, hot glue, mini-stereo Y-adapter, and a digital recorder or MP3 player/recorder.

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i luv the sam stop calling here part! very funny. good job on the ear phone part too!

That's really cool... Is there any way to boost the power (or whatever you'd call it in a stethoscope) in the stethoscope? and are two microphones necessary?

I wonder if there is a way to notch filter out the noise, like I did on my voice for most of my songs.

nice! and lol rick roll was here. wats he doing here?

I don't understand why you used two mics since stethoscope is a mono device. You just have to cut the stethoscope where it splits into two tubes and mount mic there.

what if all the soiler systems dont work all over the world your in the forest will that work to survive in the whiled like listening for a stream or a river or ect

that is awesome i thing to try it

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