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Arduino Mix Machine is a prototype for liquids automatic mixing. Preset with various recipes of the most famous bar cocktails, it became a real cocktail machine.

Three guidelines have been followed in order to develop and realize the machine: the first one refers to electronics and to the develop of the control software; the second one comprises the entire building mechanical part and the third one is dedicated to the design.

From the name you can deduce that the machine is controlled by an Arduino platform (Arduino DUE). It processes the signals originated from the connected cards that manage various actions as slide motions, electrovalves' opening and closing and LCD display. The circuit diagram of the cards is not in the Net, but they have been conceived and planned for the specific required functions.

After designing the entire machine, it has been created a 1:1 scale polystyrene model that permitted to
check and optimize the design and the structure. Once finished the model, the project has been transferred
to the machine program for wood cutting (5-axis machining).

The various wooden sections have been assembled and sticked together. In order to complete the notfinished-
yet structure, some holes have been made for electrovalves' assembling, the base for the front
panel's assembling and inserted the back connectors made separately.
After assembling everything temporarily, it has been effected a general test. Afterwhich the structure has
been covered with stucco, then smoothed and painted.
That's his final aspect

Link video:

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Dear Marco, could you share with me how you made this device?

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