How To: New to Arduino? Start with This Simple RC Car Controlled by Your Android Device

New to Arduino? Start with This Simple RC Car Controlled by Your Android Device

Thanks to its open-source platform and easy-to-use hardware and software, there's literally thousands of Arduino projects detailed online for anyone to make—a magic mirror, DIY polygraph machine, and hotel-hacking dry erase marker just being a few examples.

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Hell, you can even make the Daft Punk helmet.

While some of the Arduino projects mentioned are intricate and for more seasoned veterans, there are also a plethora of projects for those who are just starting out.

Many sites even offer tutorials for beginners, in case you have no idea how to go about using an Arduino. There's even a few good ones here on WonderHowTo in the Steampunk R&D and Fear of Lightning Worlds.

Now, if you want to try your hand at a simple beginner project, check out this Android-controlled RC car.

Arduino Based RC Car

Designed by Instructables user tolik777, this Arduino-based RC car has a built-in accelerometer that can be controlled by any Android device. To start, you'll need an Android device, an RC toy car and chassis, Arduino, a Bluetooth module, and a motor driver.

The build is pretty straight forward from there. You'll need to connect the Bluetooth module and Arduino to the RC car, which you'll then be able to control with your Android.

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The controls work just like any game application for Android: tilt forward to make the car go forward, tilt back to make it go backwards, and tilt to the sides so it goes left or right.

The speed of the car is sensitive to how much you tilt your Android device. If that doesn't do it for you, you can use the buttons on the screen, or touch control with your finger.

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Check out the video to see it in action...

And head over to tolik777's tutorial for the full instructions and code.

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simply awesome

Nice work! We built a similar project. However, we installed an Android device onto a RC car and used an IOIO board instead to control it autonomously. Here is the preliminary result:

becareful man who knows it might become self aware.

how can you do this with my RC Helicopter?

and i have a question about making more distance from my controler to my helicopter,it should fly high in the sky,but no i can only get it like 10 feet and then the controls stop working and then my helicopter crashes.i have a old RC helicopter that does the same,could i take that one apart and ad the transmitter to the new one so it can travel further into the sky?someone please help me on this

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