News: Homemade Vinyl Cutter Turns Your Old Music CDs into Records

Homemade Vinyl Cutter Turns Your Old Music CDs into Records

Even in the MP3 world, vinyl is still king among music lovers. Unfortunately, making your own record is nowhere near as simple as burning a compact disc or throwing some files onto an MP3 player. One clever inventor isn't letting that stop him though, putting together his own homemade vinyl cutter out of old parts. The end result—CD records!

The creator's video is a little hard to follow, and would probably require some detailed written instructions for you to replicate it at home. Maybe one day. Still, the end result is really impressive. The video and sound quality aren't great, but from what I can hear, his CD-records sound pretty great!

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I imagine he used transducers connected to a sharp point, cheap and easy to get.

just when I thought life couldn't get any better . Then I find the best website I've ever seen... being a professional DJ at 12yrs old I have never given up on vinyl vibration is soul... I will take this idea and run with it fast and name is DJ

' Bastard and I'm a Jungle Turntablist..... on a mission

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