Forum Thread: What Is Best Wifi Router for Home Use?

please help me ,give some options for wifi router..........

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The best wifi router to hack?

There's alot of variables there. If, to hack I'd say the one you crack ;). For at home use. again depends on the use. are we gaming or just browsing.. I would recommend the D-Link - AC3200 Ultra Wireless-AC a.k.a. "RED" It comes loaded.

Hi if you get a 'Red' make sure to patch it cause it has the SOHOpeless vulnerability or somebody like me will be picking off Red.

Get something that takes DD-wrt flashes, lock it down and add vpn. Oh and no Ralink, Broadcom chips inside the router.

The Chips are a good point, well for that matter both of the suggestions are good. As fas as the patch goes it's second nature. It's even mentioned in the install kit. Funny eh sell you a product with known vulnerabilities.

It depends what you mean by 'best' (Range, Performance, Speed, Cost etc, security, ease of setup). Your budget and what you want to be able to do or users of your network not to do?

It would probably be easier if you explain your set-up or your intended set-up :) This will get you the best answer

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