Forum Thread: How to Modify Power Wheels and Save Money

How to Modify Power Wheels and Save Money

Learn how to get more and longer lasting power from your kids power wheels, plus save money... Things you will need; Cheap lawn mower battery, electrical tape, and wire cutters.

Step 1:

Take Out the Old Battery and Cut the Two Cables, Put the Alligator Clips on Each Wire. One Is the Power Wire the Other the Negative Wire...

Step 2:

Take Your New Lawnmower Battery That Cost Around $25 and Set It Where the Old Battery Was. This May Require a Little Notching of the Powerwheels Frame.

Step 3:

Now Hook Up the Power Wire to the Positive Terminal on the Battery, Repeat for the Negative Wire.

If You Don't Already Have a Standard Battery Changer You Will Have to Purchase One, You Can Find Them Around $10. You Will Save Around $50 from Having to Replace a Powerwheels Battery That Cost Around $70. You Will Notice a Little Power Boost and a Much Much Longer Lasting Battery Once You Make the Switch...

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It sounds like a great idea, until you electrocute your kids that is.

Being a electrical engineer there's not much a of chance at all of electrocution here. You would need several different devices to turn it into shockable...

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