Forum Thread: How to Modify Power Wheels and Save Money

Learn how to get more and longer lasting power from your kids power wheels, plus save money... Things you will need; Cheap lawn mower battery, electrical tape, and wire cutters.

Step 1:

Take Out the Old Battery and Cut the Two Cables, Put the Alligator Clips on Each Wire. One Is the Power Wire the Other the Negative Wire...

Step 2:

Take Your New Lawnmower Battery That Cost Around $25 and Set It Where the Old Battery Was. This May Require a Little Notching of the Powerwheels Frame.

Step 3:

Now Hook Up the Power Wire to the Positive Terminal on the Battery, Repeat for the Negative Wire.

If You Don't Already Have a Standard Battery Changer You Will Have to Purchase One, You Can Find Them Around $10. You Will Save Around $50 from Having to Replace a Powerwheels Battery That Cost Around $70. You Will Notice a Little Power Boost and a Much Much Longer Lasting Battery Once You Make the Switch...

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It sounds like a great idea, until you electrocute your kids that is.

Being a electrical engineer there's not much a of chance at all of electrocution here. You would need several different devices to turn it into shockable...

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