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My 1st day here hope this is the rite forum to ask.
i want to make a robot, with and old working i3 laptop and android tablet. can anyone help me in this.

this will be my 1st project so consider me a noob lord.

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You need to comibe electronics and programming to accompish this kind of project. The laptop isn't going to do anything other than send commands to your target circuit or program MCUs. You'll need to develop a microcontroller like an ATMEL or use something like an Arduino to control servos, motors, relays, etc...

Start by looking into MCU's. is a great place for these kind of projects. They have tons of development boards. Another great place is They just launched a section call "Actobotics" which is a crap ton of parts geared towards prototyping. They have gears, belts, couplers, aluminum channel, and posts. Too much to list. Everything fits together by design using patterns. It's a great system and you can build anything.

Theres so much to learn but if you start simple you can expand into making dedicated circuits. An Arduino is going to provide you Digital and analog IO pins. It is up to the programmer to determine pin configuration(Input/Output) and how they are used within the program(sketch). There's also PWM or pulsed width modulation pins which you could use for stepper motors, and fans. Some motors may require more power than you can draw from an arduino so you may need something like a motor shied. Addons are called Shields and there's about a 100 different ones. The motor shield will have a stronger driver chip and use external power to drive the motors. The signal will still come from the arduino to turn it on and off.

This should give you a good place to start.

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