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Can We Regenerate Bad Sector Faulty Hard Disk, is it true or fake

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Hi Dear Neeraj Arora ;

and Hi To All :x ?

In Fact You Can Not Repair Or Fix "Bad Sector" Errors With any Software .

This Applications Only Can Hidden Corrupted Sectors From HDD and They Say To The HDD That "Hey HDD ... How Are You? You Should Not Read/Write anything On These Sectors...TnQ "

And HDD Will Reply "Ok... Got It... These Are Bad Sectors ... I Know It! "

If You Want To Repair Bad Sector By Yourself You Can Download " HDD Regenerator" That Written By a Low Level Application Can Modify Hardware....

Some Times You Should Format Your HDD By Low Level that Called "LLF" and can download Some Application in google for this act.

After These Steps If Your Problem Still Not Solved You Should Call Service To Come and Fix It....

Sorry For Bad English :(
Im Persian
Have a Nice Day....

Hi Dear Neeraj Arora i agreed with mr zxczxczxczxczxczxc you can use Hard Disk Re generator for regenerate the bad sectors if your hard disk spending more time its depending on your hard disk size if you don't have register version of hard disk Re generator because of it's regenerate only 2 or 3 bad sector so get the register version email me i will sent you a register version.

Best Regards,

As Roacking

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