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i just moved to a new area and there many wpa2 WiFi l. please I want you to help me hack so I have internet in the meantime.

I only have 2 things at my disposal
Windows 8 laptop
And android phone 3g data
Also I can go a a nearby free library

please give me a step by step guide on what would u do to crack my neibors WiFi passwords....please I would really appreciate.

I looked around a few guide in the website: first I can download backtrack or kaly linx cause the size even if I try the library: too big around 3g.

Remember I have windows I'm having difficulty running Aircrack ng( I don't even know what to do)
Also Common View software : since I don't have internet I can't send packets to initiate handshake

Please Help me a detaiailed guide: )

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lmao hacking with windows 8 is probably the worst thing to do security wise. like solfer said, get linux.or, what i do, is enable the virtual hard drive and i downloaded back track 5

My recommendation is to go to the library with a free USB drive and download the kali Linux iso and make a boot able USB. You can find all the instructions on the kali Linux website. After that read the articles from OTW. I'm not going to say how specifically because you have all the tools you need here. Welcome to nullbyte!

Daedalus is right. Kali may be a big file but if you want to crack the password you are going to need it. I also suggest a 4 gig or larger usb stick. Go to the Kali website and follow the instructions on how to install on a usb stick (so you don't have any chance of messing up your computer). Once you get kali installed on the usb drive, i also suggest going to the Null Byte world on this page and looking under the how to section to find the Linux for beginners section and go over a few "classes" before getting started cracking. You may skip the last step but you are more likely to have problems if you dont know how to run Linux. The last step would be to look up how to use aircrack-ng in the Null Byte world and follow the instructions to crack some passwords.

hey i know an app called wps connect which can help you to get password of wps enabled wifi and you can use pry-fi to change mac address of your android phone but this all for rooted users

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