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i am a complete beginner in hacking. so before starting any of the hacking i thought i should learn to save/hide my ass from police, government, or any other tracing agents or agencies. so i started crawling on web for learning new tricks and techniques as black hat hackers use. since then i found many new technique so far but now a days i am getting stuff in opposition to my knowledge as:

1: i learned about TOR to be completely anonymous, but i have just found that police always keep a special eye on TOR network and it can be traced.

2: i learned about SSH tunneling to secretly transfer traffic through a hidden and encrypted tunnel. but if that right i don't know how to connect a number of compromised computers and servers with SSH tunneling( please let me know how to do it with a number of computers..??) and also let me know if SSH tunneling will really make me anonymous.

3: i learned about DDoS attack and i thought if i use my botnet as layers of protection for my computer and IP. but i found that that DDoS attacks are also traceable as botnet contains real IP and can be trace back to it.

4: everyone knows about VPN and proxys that change your IP address. but when it comes to tracing they are traceable by police and government.

5: using all of the above steps together. but i don't know how should we do it. so please let me know the perfect sequence of doing it.

and please let me know the perfect technique as the black hat hackers use for them self. all of the information is available on internet but its not that easy to get it. please help me i have learned all so far by just working hard on web.

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To increase your anonymity while using proxies, use proxies from countries that your country has trouble getting information from. And, as a rule, if you are being black-hattish, DON'T HACK FROM HOME.

And also, doesn't matter how many proxies you use, how many VPN, SSH, TOR, whatever, you'll still exist, and thus, you'll won't still be completely anonymous. If your country suspects from you, they are gonna use everything to find you. What you need to do is make sure they never suspect from you.

Don't use credit cards to buy things you need for the hack, try always to use cash or other untraceable methods.
Try to hack in a public place, far from where you live.
Use different usernames between accounts.
Don't ever mention your hack to your friends or whoever knows your name.

These are just from the top of my head, it's 7 AM here, but I'm sure you'll get more complete answers.

Thank u Thank u...!!! very much FUNEST. every answer or any tips are of great importance for me. i really appreciate you are eager to help me.

looking forward for more tips and techniques.

Never use the same password in two different places.

there is no such thing as a hundred percent guarantee of anonymity but you should try
vpn tor vpn

hey this video shows some mistake tor users has done and get caught
and one advice never try to hack government.

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