How To: Unlock Your Front Door Without Keys Using This DIY Keyfob Entry System

Unlock Your Front Door Without Keys Using This DIY Keyfob Entry System

Keys are on the way out. They're clunky, take up precious space, and slow you down when you have tons of identical-looking gold ones on your keyring. Everything we can open with keys can now also be opened with wireless technology in just a click—so why use keys anymore?

Sure, you can pay hundreds of dollars for an automated lock system on your house—but why do that when you can build it yourself!

Keyfob Deadbolt

Instructables user rybitski decided to build his very own Keyfob Deadbolt system to lock and unlock his front door just like you would with a newer vehicle. He used an Arduino Uno, a servo, an RF transmitter and receiver, and some other basic electronics parts to get the job done. Check out the video to see his wireless remote entry system in action.

Rybitski first mounted the parts onto sheets of acrylic (but you could use another material).

Image via

Then he attached the servo to the deadlock, which pushes and pulls it.

Image via

Next, he wired the Arduino to the acrylic and loaded the keyfob program code (which can be found on his project page).

Image via

Lastly, he set up the project on the door and put it to use!

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If this isn't quite what you're looking for, there are other door-locking projects similar to this, like this RFID locking system or this text message based lock.

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Can you post the code for the Arduino?

cool, but i think there should be solution for power loss, also what exactly remote is doing? don't think it's secure to use such remote. unless there is some digital signature which arduino verifies

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