News: Self-Electroshocking as Art, Live

Self-Electroshocking as Art, Live

Daito Manabe is awesome. Last we heard of him, he was setting up Japanese school girls with glow-in-the-dark grills. Before that, he was playing himself like a human drum kit. And before that, he was just plain old electroshocking himself. In his most recent appearance, he takes his electro-pulsed facial twitches to the stage, with fellow artist Ei Wada, before an audience at Berlin's Transmediale Festival.

Man, that dude is busy. And never ceases to amaze. Manabe, we salute you.

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what in the hell is this for a Bull#$%@?!!

This is what is wrong with Modern art. It has all been done before. Modern art has been calling itself Avante Garde for over 100 years. Not much is left to new modern artists. it seems they have digressed into stunts like this (which is no longer art because shows like Jack Ass and Punked have done it already) and the use of ever increasingly vulgar themes.
Modren art is a bubble now. Tick- Tock.

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