News: Trade in Your Grill for Japanese LED Teeth

Trade in Your Grill for Japanese LED Teeth

In the far away land of Japan, gold is out, glow-in-the-dark is in. LED "grills" were recently conceived of by two Japanese designers/hackers for a winter advertising event at clothing store Laforet Harajuku. The LED teeth attachments quickly became a hot item. 

Foreseeably, one of the two designers demonstrating the teeth in the video above is the familiar Daito Manabe (our favorite "self-electrocuting" mad hacker). Manabe's partner, Motoi Ishibashi, came up with the idea when "he saw a video last year of LED Throwies, which are little lights that can be affixed to a magnet and thrown on metal surfaces [acting as] lighted graffiti".

Trade in Your Grill for Japanese LED Teeth

Directed by Manabe, "Party In Your Mouth", a group of Japanese school girls marching like zombies down the dark streets of Japan:

If you happen to be in Japan, Manabe and Ishibashi are currently offering workshops on how to make your own LED smiles.

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