How To: Make Trippy EL Wire Headphones That Dance to the Beat of Your Music

Make Trippy EL Wire Headphones That Dance to the Beat of Your Music

At one time or another, we've all enjoyed the visualizations that came stock in Windows Media Player. I remember spending hours listening to my favorite album, putting the graphic equalizer on full screen, and getting lost in the flurry of colors that would dance across the screen.

Well, now thanks to the imaginative mind of Instructables user yardleydobon, you can now recreate this rainbow-colored music visualizer right on top of your freaking head—with these trippy EL wire headphones, which react to the music the same way an audio visualizer does.

For this project, he used over-the-ear headphones, electroluminescent wire, an inverter taken from a T-shirt equalizer, and an MP3 player.

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He then stripped the EL wire, attached it to the shirt inverter modify it so that it responded to an audio signal (as opposed to sound waves).

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He then decorated the EL wires across the headphones...

And even the headphone wires!

If you want to take a music visualizer with you everywhere your tunes go, this is the way to do it! But if you don't want to light up your headphones, maybe you'd prefer lighting up your clothes, or at least making some pulsating speakers or an LED beer pong table instead.

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