How To: DIY Pulsating Light Rod Speakers That Dance to Your Music

DIY Pulsating Light Rod Speakers That Dance to Your Music

If you've found your speakers to be lacking in the visuals department, this is just the mod for you. Using 3" PVC, you can turn your speakers into light-up glow rods that pulse to the beat of your music.

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You'll need some electrical skills and experience soldering to get this one together, but otherwise it's not all that complicated. The main components you are going to need are speaker drivers, PVC pipes, LEDs, and the necessary cabling for those devices.

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The device works best with higher volumes; the louder the music, the more intense of a "pulse" it will give off.

Read the full tutorial here to make a pair of your own "Sound-O-Light" speakers, or watch it in action below.

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These are great! If only I knew how to solder...

the set up overall an elegant design simple modern i noticed that stereo with the hardware bulbs on the outside like teslas old mock up iv seen one going for up in the thousands , am curious to know if it also is a custom build and do u have a how to on it

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