How To: Be the 'Light' of the Party with This DIY Flashing LED Suit

Be the 'Light' of the Party with This DIY Flashing LED Suit

If you've ever been on your way to a party and felt that your outfit just wasn't flashy enough, engineering student 'Rambo' has got just the thing for you.

His homemade LED suit lights up and dances to the beat of the music, and can even be controlled via Bluetooth.

The LEDs are controlled by an Arduino and the music is fed through MSGEQ7 chips, which break up the audio signal into 7 different voltage bands. The breadboard that controls the LEDs was designed in Eagle, which he posted here to download if you want to make your own.

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Next came the "bar graph equalizer," which separates the audio and creates the different colors. After putting together the circuit, he attached the LEDs to the suit and added the Bluetooth module and it was ready to test (the pants, at least).

The suit is still a work in progress, but you can follow Rambo's blog for updates as he finishes it. You can read Parts One and Two for more details and schematics.

Want to try something a little less complicated with LEDs? Check out our tutorials on making them dance to music, or build your own custom LED speakers or beer pong table.

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