News: Sun + Plastic Bottle = Toy Car

Sun + Plastic Bottle = Toy Car

Here's a DIY dream. Solar-power, recycled bottles, snap'n'go toy car! Simple.

How easy to transform trash into toys.

Plastic bottles take 700 years to decompose in a landfill. And annually, America uses over 150 billion plastic water bottles.

The inventor of this solar powered plastic bottle car is an engineer from Japan, video creator Samimy. He's produced numerous great DIY videos on CD repair and phone hacks.

Build a solar-powered toy car

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Drilling a bottle on the dinner table - my wife would kill me. But a nice little project.

it just put bottle with all ready materials dude...without a bottle it could works too

were did u find the tries and things to make it move?

Like Reggie said, i would also like to know where you got all of the tires and supporter to make it move

he bought a kit thats easy enough to find online or in some hobby shops he most likely got the kit online at hobby engineering

cool thing

Yes, you can do it without the bottle but his point was to demonstrate how to turn trash into toys! Great project!

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