News: Hack a Roomba into a Wii-controlled Pac Man

Hack a Roomba into a Wii-controlled Pac Man

Want your boyfriend to clean house? Make it a game.

This Wii remote-controlled Pac Man vacuum will transform every alpha male into a....maid!

Wii hacker Ron Tajima's brainchild is covered in 448 LEDs and controlled via an SH2 MPU control unit. This isn't just a blinking toy. It has authentic arcade sounds and an accurate-to-Atari death routine. It's controlled via Bluetooth, thanks to previous Wiimote hacks.

While Tajima's looking to create Pac Man re-enactments with his vacuum, we're hoping to see some leapfrogging come from his wizardry. Something on a grander scale? Perhaps a ballet of Atari classics: Asteroids, Frogger, or Pitfall.

Hack a Roomba with LEDs to make a Pacman-ba !

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wow, that was a lot of time spent...pretty impressive though.

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