News: Hack a 12 volt battery

Hack a 12 volt battery

This video is revelatory.

Here is the good news. If you have devices that rely on 1.5 volt button cell batteries, this tutorial from KipKay will save you $40.00.

Here is the bad news. Now, I am just angry at big business. Duracell. Energizer. You really suck.

Hack a 12-volt Battery for 8 1.5-volt button cells

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this reminds me of when i hacked my car battery. Inside I found 10 D size batteries, a gargamel (smurfs) action figure and a barbecue beef hot pocket, fully cooked. I suggest everyone look and see what's inside their car battery too.

no kidding. I hacked my uncle's pacemaker and found a secret universe full of lava-people.

thanks kipkay for another goodie. i've watched all ur vids and im glad u finally got featured

well its not really hacking...

Not fake. Done it. Done the 12V one too, but there were D batteries inside, not AAs

Sorry for double posting, My internet connection was faulty.

Watch this video, it's funny!

twilight sucks

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This is a fake how to video. 12v AA batteries contain battery acid, not button cells. This is hazardous.

AA batteries are 1.5 volts not 12 volts maybe you got the wrong ones.

Groundhog is right I did the 9-volt one there was some ground black crap inside.

I dont know about 12-volt though.

100% genuine if you live in the States AND use an Energizer A23. I got two at Target (granted, they weren't 1.88, but I was there, so..), and opened them up. EIGHT BUTTON CELLS INSIDE. You MUST use an ENERGIZER A23.

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