News: The FBI needed this laser mod for Martin Luther King

The FBI needed this laser mod for Martin Luther King

Starting in 1961 the FBI and an army of other non-believers, wiretapped MLK. All found nothing but gossip. No one was able to nail him with any evidence of sedition.

Today, the laws on wiretapping have tightened up. Fortunately. The FCC regulations, two party consent rules, and political sensitivity have made this intrusive act practically extinct. So, don't try it.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to eavesdrop on someone far away...and without the same level of legal risk, we recommend you study this moderately low-tech video. Armed with this tutorial, a laser, a photocell, a battery, and a sound recorder, you can listen to conversations by recording the vibrations that bounce off a window pane.

This is a fun technology. The ethics of its application...well, that is up to you.

Build a laser microphone

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very very very great idea ! please send more videos like this !!!

woooooooooow thanks !!

that's pretty cool.

Yeah, I agree. Pretty cool

no way i bet your girl fiend love all the time you
spend play around listening to other people

Very nice, but how can you tell if the laser beam is on the photocell in daylight?

The theory this looks great.................

where does the photocell come in in this i couldn't understand waht he said to do with it. something about the reflection of the lazer has to be on it.


I blinded my parents with this device :( :(
I have a recording of my dad shouting 'f@ck f@ck, my f@cking eyes', then some stumbling noises. I recorded it with my laser microphone and stored it on the laptop my dad used to beat me with.
A Jones
Norfolk General Trauma Hospital

bull #$%@, doesnt work, dont waist your time

to bad i wipped one up, and wrecked a perfectly good 3.5patch cord, just to find out it just a bunch of crap

I guarantee you this works. this technology has been around for a loooong time and is used by law enforcement. you must suck at building electronics.

so.... u tried? i want a real opinion b4 i try it


good work!

how do i build a tape recorder blocker

I don't know if this particular design would work or not, but it's similar in concept to a design that was published many years ago in a major electronics magazine.

In the very next issue, the magazine was chewed out by an American law enforcement agency (can't remember which one) for publishing the design for an "illegal device" and encouraging their readers to build it.

If you build one and it works, I'd keep it quiet....

Thats really REALLY cool!!

I gotta try this!!!!!

i think the quality will be better if u can amplify the signal from the photocell...


I heard "who the f@ck is playing with that laser pointer outside?"
use a infared laser and adjust it using goggles that can see it!
Hard part is you have to be where the laser reflects too, strait out and just as high up, making this very hard to do unless its the girl next door and your windows are strait across from each others, but for some reason after the lights go out I hear a Buzzing noise? Do you think shes brushing her teeth with a electric toothbrush in the dark in her bedroom?

Nice, I will try this when I have moved, I gues that I can use any mp3 recorder?is this possible?

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