News: Easy! Cell Phone Camera Macro Mod (5X Zoom)

Easy! Cell Phone Camera Macro Mod (5X Zoom)

Hack N Mod offers an incredibly simple cell phone camera mod that delivers striking results. All you need is a lens from an old DVD player and you can magnify your zoom by five times.

Easy! Cell Phone Camera Macro Mod (5X Zoom)

"You'll find the lens directly under the disk tray. If you've just upgraded to Blu-Ray, now you have something to do with your old DVD player. Or, if you have an old computer with a DVD drive, that will work as well.

Literally, all you do is remove the lens from the player and place it on top of your phone's camera as shown below."

Easy! Cell Phone Camera Macro Mod (5X Zoom)

Easy! Cell Phone Camera Macro Mod (5X Zoom)

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Wow, Im doing that later!

I have an old dvd player I ripped the laser out of, now I can do this?! Im so glad I saved it.

I did it today, results are great! Thanks for the idea.

if i had cd player will it work to?

oh thats really great

cd rom lens gives 10x zoom.
go ahead try it and be amazed by the macro photography.

When you mount it, does it have to sit flush on your phone, or do you allow a small gap inbetween lenses? Great idea, thanks for sharing.

i hav this phone wid me its gr8

Will the cd player work ? What's the difference cd or
Dvd lens
Is there a diffrence in closent

Great idea. I did this using my old samsung cd-rom. but the magnification level is just too high and the object nearly has to be in contact with the lens to get a focus.

I am gonna try with a laser pointer lens now.

anyone can tell me how to use a mobile camera without assembling it in the mobile board

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