News: DIY 3D-Printed Arduino Robot

DIY 3D-Printed Arduino Robot

This is a nice project that you can continue to work on and modify as you learn more Arduino projects. The Instructable linked below goes through the complete build for the Bluetooth-enabled robot seen in the first half of the video.

As long as you have a 3D printer, this project is really easy to do and the electronic parts cost only around $30-$35. If you try to make the chassis with a 3D printing services, it will cost more than buying your own 3D printer and supplies, so I suggest against it.

It takes in total about 35 hours to 3D print, but can be assembled and programmed in around 30 minutes. It requires only two screwdrivers to build and does not require any soldering. It can be controlled by laptop or Android phone.

To expand beyond the Bluetooth portion and get more features to your robot, you can try to add music or a voice, get weather forecasts, get text message alerts when motion is detected, and more.

3D Printed & Expandable Robot for Arduino with Android Control

3D Printed & Expandable Robot for Arduino with Android Control I wanted to design this thing to be inexpensive and use common parts, so this robot uses 9V batteries currently. They run out pretty quickly with a lot of use, so I will probably end up designing a new piece that allows for the use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and an Adafruit power booster.

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