News: Commit voter fraud - Ivy League style

Commit voter fraud - Ivy League style

The last two US Presidential elections were marred by reports of voter fraud. So Princeton University took it upon themselves to investigate how easy it could be to hack the election.Answer: easy.

They bought a Diebold voting machine, the system used across the country and in swing states like Ohio. Hacking the Diebold is easier than using it to vote!

In response to the problems with e-voting machines in 2004 and 2000, some states have reverted to using the old lever pullers of the 1970's. Check out this nostalgic demo of the virtually unhackable machine by Mr Roger's

Hack a Diebold electronic voting machine

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take down the machine

free coffee at starbucks for anyone that votes today!

Free coffee for people who don't vote as well : ) !

Also free Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry's

This reminds me of 2000 & 2004...

who voted

Lets see how long we can roll with this obama high.

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