News: Brain-Computer Interface Gives New Meaning to "Mind Control"

Brain-Computer Interface Gives New Meaning to "Mind Control"

Can a well-directed thought be as good as a mouse click? With an Emotiv EPOC headset, the answer is yes. And then some. Though Emotiv describe their device as a "high-resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset," we're quite content to call it a thinking cap.

Brain-Computer Interface Gives New Meaning to "Mind Control"

Tan Le, the head of Emotiv Systems, demonstrated the EPOC headset at this year's TEDGlobal conference (the good stuff begins around the 4:30 mark):

Is the computer mouse destined for extinction? Weigh in below.

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i dont like this, but if it includes videogames sign me up

I feel bad that i was more excited about the rolex ad at the end XD

PSH, you 2 may not be excited but im spazzing out. I WANT ONE.

dudes, if i lived in the USA i would have ordered one already. this thing is the most legend thing since Chuck Norris!! :D

When I saw this, first thing that popped in my mind was .hack. If we can play games like that or even better, then I would spend all my money on that thing.

Amazing quite a break through!

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