How To: Turn Your External Hard Drive into a Colossus—Complete with Glowing Eyes

Turn Your External Hard Drive into a Colossus—Complete with Glowing Eyes

Whether or not you like its minimalist, "puzzle" style, it's hard to argue that Shadow of the Colossus is a gorgeous game. It got rave reviews from critics and players alike, was the 11th highest rated game of 2005, and was so popular that it even has its own wiki.

The game has spawned an absurd amount of fan art, but Redditor foxfoxwaltz took it one step further by turning his external hard drive into a pretty much perfect replica of a colossus.

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The base of the colossus is made from the base of an old lamp, and its "skeleton" is made of cardboard strips, which he wrapped in plaster sheets.

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Once the plaster was finished, he gave it some LED eyes and spray painted the whole thing with stone textured paint. After painting the body with basic acrylics, he added fake moss and lichen.

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The final touch was adding a coat of vellum and a tiny black dot to each eye. The USB cable is attached to the back and makes the eyes light up when it's plugged in.

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To make it completely accurate, foxfoxwaltz says he may do another one with the glowing glyph on top. Be sure to check out the Imgur album for more photos of the process, and the original Reddit thread for more details.

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