How To: Turn an ordinary hardback book into a PDA notebook

Turn an ordinary hardback book into a PDA notebook

Check out this video from Make Magazine! Forget the Macbook air, there's a new lightweight portable in town - join our new video Maker (Kip Kay) as he shows you how to turn a modified hardback book in to a PDA powered "laptop" with keyboard. This will make you the cool guy in school. Just wait and see. Everyone will be your friend.

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oh boy --- kipkay & make in the same video!?!?!

lol nice

Sounds like a pain in the ass... It's like a redneck laptop.

Loaf thinks dis is da coolio!!

I'm da Loaf,and I approve of dis message!!!

Something wallace and gromit would build.

They ruined that book and the P.D.A.

Couldnt you just put a laptop in the book?

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