How To: Root your G1 or MyTouch 3G with one click

Root your G1 or MyTouch 3G with one click

In this tutorial, we learn how to root your G1 or MyTouch 3G with one click. First, go to theunlockr and download the MyTough 3G Root video. Now, go on your phone and click on the settings. Go to applications, then check "unknown sources", then go back and click on "sd card" and un-mount it, then format it. Once the numbers pop up again, it means your card is mounted and formatted. Now, plug your phone in with the USB cable to your computer and mount it. Now, go to the site and download the two files from step five of the website. Now, take those and copy them to the memory card on the phone. Now, unplug the phone once it's downloaded and go to "linda file manager", then click on the SD card and click on the "recovery flasher". Click through all the steps, then it will install and you can open it up. Now, click "backup recovery image". When finished, you will have a rooted phone and be finished!

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