How To: Recharge non-rechargeable alkaline batteries

Recharge non-rechargeable alkaline batteries

Can you recharge non-rechargeable alkaline batteries? Yes you can! Gary Cutlack from risks chemical burns to demonstrate.

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Funniest thing I have seen on this site

well I feel robbed of a few hundred dollars, a few thousand if i include my immediate family. thanks alot for the heads up government education.

Its working! its actually wowking its still going! is it fading is it fading or is that just my camera just adjusting to the lighting

lol saucepan sheild XD. Those lying bastard battery corporations.

what a retard !!!!

lol so not worth dieing.

zomgbbqpiza that is funniest thing ive seen in long time.
I like how he says "WE have just recharged bateries when all i did was watch XD."
"also he says when this hits youtube the world is going to change..."
i doubt its true but ill try anyway

it says on batteries not dispose of in fire this is cos its sealed. If you heat it the contents expAND and burst it spraying everywhere (its milk for alkaline substances isnt it, not water like he said in vid).So getting hot in a charger is the same but takes a longer, to get a useful amount of charge is dangerous.Used to be a firm that made a charger that used pulsed DC to charge any battery i think?

he's a freakin tard... must be something in the water... the world hasn't changed...

"when this hit youtube the world is gonna change" the funniest ive ever heard lol

what a dumbass

The batteries will hold a charge for a short time, And are prone to exploding, And leakage. I've been doing this since the early 70's, And it can destroy your electronic gadgets.

eyerobot is correct. I did this with a romote control motorcycle toy. Had replaced the rechargables with standards and then went to charge them. They heat up and after placing them in the toy, there was a horrifying reaction, the entire toy melted and CONTINUED to melt after being seperated and sprayed with water! VERY VERY VERY dangerous. However, funniest video out there! You are a very funny dude and should post more for laughs!

i just cum in my pants

How interesting!

That was terrific! If he's acting, then he's great, and if he's not acting, then he's just a hilarious man. But no one should worry about charging alkaline batteries. I work for PC Treasures, and we sell something called the ReZap battery engineer that charges both alkaline and rechargeable batteries, and nothing ever explodes! Check it out at Sorry for the shameless promotion.

"look look, you can actually see inside my cupboard!!" what a clever man...

There is an electronic lock on my neighbor's front door, a Schlage BE375. The low-battery indicator light came on when we tried to unlock it using the touchpad. The deadbolt would not engage. It stayed locked no matter what we tried. So I put a 9V battery on the posts that are provided on the front (see photo -- the posts are at the bottom). It worked, as designed. The deadbolt slid back into the lock and we opened the door. but guess what? the allegedly dead or low battery now works just fine. Is it possible that: connecting a new battery to the posts while the old battery is still in the lock would be sufficient to move enough charge (electrons) from the new battery into the old through the posts and the internal wiring in the lock? We held the new battery against the posts for only 15-30 seconds. Is is possible for the recharge to happen like that? I think the answer has to be yes but i'd like confirmation. "Inquiring minds want to know."

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