How To: Make a USB laser air purifier lamp

Make a USB laser air purifier lamp

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where'd the lasers get their power source? battery? thought this was USB powered...

Probably battery powered laser pointer, the idea is cool though, but the laser pointers would be a hassle to turn off and on and it would last maybe a couple hours.

I made one of those usb fans and i dont get lots of power so the weight of all those laser pointers would make mine super slow

you understand that the lasers do absolutly nuthing right?

you're doing absolutely nothing!

Exactly, i've never heard of such rubbish before! And anyway how does it draw in the air from the base if the blades are cut off? how does it push the air out? Pointless!!!

Not only the battery powered laser would be lame but how does it move any air NO FAN BLADES

thid is so stupid

I agree it's pointlessor stupid, but it's beautiful. Mine is !

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