How To: Make a Super Secret Batman-Style Bust Switch for Your Batcave (Or Just Your Lights)

Make a Super Secret Batman-Style Bust Switch for Your Batcave (Or Just Your Lights)

Remember the 1960's American television series Batman, with Adam West as Bruce Wayne? It was waaaaay before my time. The caped crusader that I'm more familiar with is actually this one...

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When I first heard of Adam West, it was him doing the Batusi on The Simpsons. I had no idea what was going on, so I looked up Adam West and his sensual dance and found myself face to face with the 1960's Batman.

With its cheesy humor and outlandishly horrible effects, Batman quickly became a cult favorite. Just watch the video below to see what the hell I'm talking about. You can even watch the entire first episode on YouTube.

In the show, Bruce Wayne uses a switch hidden inside of a Shakespeare bust in order to open the secret entrance to his Batcave. The idea of opening any type hidden trapdoor from a hidden switch sounds awesome, which is exactly how The New Hobbyist felt, who created his own secret switch.

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While he doesn't have any secret doors to open in his home, he sure has plenty of lights to turn on. So, he hid a wireless light switch inside of a That's why he's created a wireless light switch hidden inside a Ludwig van Beethoven bust. Anybody's bust will do really.

To do this, he first decapitated Sir Beethoven (in the mos respectful way you can think of), so the switch could be hidden in Ludwig's gullet, which can then be discovered by lifting his head back.

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For the switch, he found a cheap 12 volt power supply (to drive the relay) and connected it to a multi-function remote control (that triggers the light).

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After putting the switch into the bust and putting it all back together, this is what the final result looked like:

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The project is on the easier side of the scale when it comes to those types of modifications, so it should be a great project for beginners. Check out the Beethoven bust in action below.

To see exactly how to build your own Batman-like secret bust button, check out The New Hobbyist's project page on Instructables.

Whose bust would you use for your secret switches?

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Photo by The Batfan

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