How To: Make a speaker out of a tissue box

Make a speaker out of a tissue box

In an old video posted on YouTube, about how to make a speaker in a tissue box, they got a Kleenex box, foil, motor, and battery. Of course the motor ran off the battery and it made a sound, but there's no way to just plug in the audio jack from your Apple iPhone into the Kleenex box where it's contacts obviously aren't going to touch any electrical contacts and have it work. It's not possible.

In this video tutorial response, the Cassette Master shows that electrical motors can play music if fed enough power. The output from an iPod or iPhone or Walkman or anything like that made to just to drive headphones isn't enough power to drive an electrical motor. If you have a good power amplifier, you will have enough power to produce music.

Watch this video on how to make a speaker out of a tissue box to see how it's done.

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