How To: Make simple solar panels

Make simple solar panels

Want to build your own DIY solar panels on the cheap? This video demonstrates how to make solar panels to power devices. The video explains how a solar panel works and how to connect it to a radio in order to power it. For more on this hack, including step-by-step instructions for recreating it yourself, watch this eco-friendly hacking how-to.

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Ugg, he waits three seconds between each word. Informative video if you are patient enough, i suggest a double shot of expresso.!

Hard to hear narration, and yes, its insanely slow

Kinda informative... didn't see a step by step instruction, maybe I'm missing the link.

Very hard to watch an listen to. Sorry.

this is not the best of videos

what language is this?

oh no, I'm back here. Does anyone know how he made these? When you say you made them - doesn't that mean that you started from raw materials?

yeah, its hard to listen to what he says

how do you make them

waste of time

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