How To: Make a retro wireless headset

Make a retro wireless headset

In order to make a retro wireless handset, you will need the following: vintage handset, a momentary switch, a resister, a Blue tooth headset, wires, a drill, and a blue LED and mount. Disassemble the blue tooth head set. Then, disassemble the handset. Remove all of the wires and the base. Snip the white wires. Drill a hole in the earpiece. Place the LED in the hole. Remove the RJL connecter. Then, you'll need to rewire the headset. Remove the speaker and the microphone. Set them aside. Attach wires in their place. Remove the power switch and replace it with wires. Add a AA battery holder. Mount the switch. Next connect the wires. Reassemble it. You might want to make some acoustic adjustments.

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