How To: Make LED ice cubes

Make LED ice cubes

Learn how to make LED ice cubes with this tutorial!
First take LEDs of any color and test it with a small battery.
Then take a ice tray and a strip containing holes in which the LEDs can easily fixed.
Now take Resin and Hardener solutions and stir them.
Now place the LED into the strip containing holes and place it on the ice tray.
Then pour the combined solution in to the tray.
Now keep the tray away for a while until the solution becomes solid.
Then take all the cubes which contain LEDs, connect all the positives of LEDs to one wire and negative to others.
Now take a glass and make a hole at the bottom of glass and keep the LED cubes in the glass.
Now take the wires from glass and connect them to the battery through a switch, by which we can control the LED glowing.

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