How To: Make an iPhone stand, fart gadget & mini BB gun

Make an iPhone stand, fart gadget & mini BB gun

It's amazing what you can create with a few, everyday household and office supplies. Most of these items are already sitting in your junk drawers, so there's no need to spend money! Kipkay shows you 4 awesome hacks you can make in this "household hack pack" video.

1. iPod/iPhone Stand: For this hack, all you need is a paper clip, or a large butterfly paperclip. Use the template, available here, to get the prefect bending dimensions. *The original idea for this iPhone stand came from Dean Liou.

2. Odorless Fart Gadget: All you need to make this crazy little machine is a couple of rubber bands, a key ring (or washer), and a large paperclip. It's like a homemade whoopee cushion, without the cushion!

3. Magnetically Screwed: Sometimes it's difficult to insert tiny screws where they're supposed to go, so magnetizing your screwdriver's tip with a few magnets will solve the problem.

4. Mini BB Gun: A mechanical pencil and rubber band is all you need for this mini marvel. Well, you do need some pliers (or something similar) to break off the end of the mechanical pencil. And a razor. And some spitballs. Or maybe some actual BBs. This is a step above your average study hall pea shooter.

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