How To: Make a hard drive speaker system

Make a hard drive speaker system

Looking to make use—if not necessarily good use—of your old hard drives? This how-to presents instructions for creating a hard drive speaker system to use in conjunction with an MP3 player. To follow along, you'll need an MP3 player (e.g., the Samsung YP-S3), at least one spare hard disk, wire, a soldering iron, and a screwdriver. For step-by-step instructions on hacking together your own hard drive sound system, take a look.

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Its cool but seems really pointless to do.

good... i just want to know.. is that same place we have to solder every time??? i mean inside the hard disk...

no it's different in every hd, but always a tiny couple of wires on the head of the drive

What is the logic to why this works? Anyone know the science? Not sure about this resonance thing.

Thats cool but why does it work

how the heck did u think about this? very cool thou

It's not actually the head, but the swing arm. The coil at the end of the swing arm is sandwiched between two very strong magnets, so when the signal from the music player is piped through, the sing arm vibrates with the varience in voltage, and the paper cup acts a lot like a speaker cone.

It'd be a great trick to play on techy friends, and if you could make the wires less visible. Have a party and have your friends try to figure out where the sound is coming from.

Steller wolf is right the vibration is what creates the sound

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