How To: Make a desktop fan from computer parts

Make a desktop fan from computer parts


Loved this video i did it just a minute ago although not much power its stilly really neat!

I made one too. Now I just need to make a wire case around it so I don't stick my fingers or pieces of paper in.

isn't this facing the wrong direction since the exhaust side is facing you and the intake is facing the back?

It depends on whichever direction or path the wind flows. For eg., if it's a power supply (SMPS) fan which is designed to suck hot air out, the exhaust side should be facing you. If it's a CPU fan to suck cold air onto the processor, you set the side the sits on top of the processor to face you. You can also used the direction of the fan blades as a cue to figure which way the wind would flow. Or if the label is still on (if it's not one of those generic fans with no label), the label side is the exhaust side, which should be facing you, Overall this project is really simple, so even if you don't get the direction right the first time, just d/c, turn it around and r/c the other way.

what I'm more interested in knowing is, if I connect 4 fans in either a 2x2 or 1x4 formation, bunch up the respective black and reds with the USB black and red, place each of the fans blades in the same start position (so that they all start in sync) and connect it to my laptop USB, would I face any problem like overload?

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